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World of Warcraft: Legion Revealed

Recently, MMO giant Blizzard has announced their latest upcoming expansion, Legion, and I’ll be damned if this doesn’t look like a big one. I’ll be honest; those familiar feelings of adrenaline-gushing hype began to flow through my veins as I watched both the cinematic trailer and the announcement trailer on the website. It really seems

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League of Legends NA Server Moving

Recently, Riot has announced that they will be moving their League of Legends NA game servers from Portland, OR to Chicago, IL. Riot states that this is the third phase in their efforts to provide a better connection service for their players. Riot made the decision to move servers to the center of the US,

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Fallout 4 Pre-Purchasable Already?

Big news hit the gaming industry not too long ago when Bethesda officially released their first teaser trailer for Fallout 4. While I’m positive that nobody was really surprised that Fallout 4 would be Bethesda’s new big game, I was pleasantly surprised that they released such a firm confirmation that they are indeed now working

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