Layton’s Mystery Journey Puzzle Solutions 13-15

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Puzzle 13 – Pipe Nightmare 2:

Puzzle 13 is a repeat of puzzle 8. Just like we did in puzzle 8, just trace the pipes from the bottom up to find the two top pipes that lead to every bottom pipe.

Layton Puzzle 13 Solution 1

In this case, pipes C and G cover every bottom pipe.


Puzzle 14 – Happy Families:

Happy Families is a riddle. It gives you hints for the ages of the five children in the family. Your goal is to use these hints to find the age of the speaker. We are told that one child (the second oldest) is 19 years old, and from the remaining hints, we can gather the ages of all the other children.

Layton Puzzle 14 Solution 1

The second oldest girl is 3 years younger than the oldest girl, so the oldest girl is 22.

The oldest boy is four years younger than the oldest girl, so he’s 18.

The oldest boy is three years older than the second oldest boy, making the second oldest boy 15.

So, if the second oldest boy is four years younger than the speaker, that makes the speaker 19.

It turns out the speaker is the second oldest girl’s twin.


Puzzle 15 – A Matter of Time:

A Matter of Time presents us with three clocks, all of which need to be fixed. One clock is 32 minutes too fast, one is 28 minutes too slow, and one has stopped completely. We need to set them all to the correct time.

Layton Puzzle 15 Solution 1

To complete this puzzle, we should make a table of all the possible times. We are given the times that each clock shows:

4:05                                        3:05                                        2:18

Now we just adjust the times to match the offsets that we were given

4:05                                        3:05                                        2:18

32 Fast:                3:33                                        2:33                                        1:55

28 Slow:               4:33                                        3:33                                        2:46


We have two matching times, 3:33 so that must be the correct time. The third clock must be the one that stopped completely, so that one will be wrong no matter what.

Layton Puzzle 15 Solution 2


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