Layton’s Mystery Journey Puzzle Solutions 7-12

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Puzzle 7: Failing Scales

Puzzle 7 needs you to identify the weight of sugar on the two scales, then add them together for the final answer. There are two problems in this puzzle.

Laytons Mystery Journey Puzzle 7 Solution 2

1: Both scales are off by one – the scale on the left is 1 too high, and the scale on the right is 1 too low.

2: The displays on both scales are broken, so the bottom left light is out on both of them.

The sugar on the left scale is 8 oz. but reads as 9, while the sugar on the right scale is 6 oz. but reads as 5.

Add 8 and 6 together to get 14.

Laytons Mystery Journey Puzzle 7 Solution 1


Puzzle 8: Pipe Nightmare

Puzzle 8 is multiple mazes. The trick is to find the two top pieces that, together, covers all the bottom pieces.

Laytons Mystery Journey Puzzle 8 Solution 1

Just trace the pipes from the bottom up, and you’ll find that pipes B and E are the answer


Puzzle 9: Puzzling Paints

Puzzle 9 presents you with three colors: blue, black, and white. Each color represents the color of the sky, but only one can be seen every day.

Laytons Mystery Journey Puzzle 9 Solution 2

You can only see blue on clear days, and you can only see white on cloudy days. You can see black every night, though. Thus, black is the correct answer.


Puzzle 10: Lost and Found

In puzzle 10, you need to figure out the minimum number of lines you need to make to drop the baby animals off to the correct mothers.

The answer is 5. Here is an example of what it looks like:

Laytons Mystery Journey Puzzle 10 Solution 1


Puzzle 11: Magic Numbers

Here, you just need to put the right numbers in the right slots, so that the corner numbers equal the middle numbers when you either add or multiply them together.

Since the highest numbers are 22 and 28, we know that any number higher than 50 must be the result of multiplication. From there, you can just use division to figure out what numbers you need for the 56 and 52. Then fill in the numbers that add up to 36 and 35.

Here is the solution:

Laytons Mystery Journey Puzzle 12 Solution 1



Puzzle 12: Rock Paper Scissors Tower

Here, you need to arrange rock, paper, and scissors on the pyramid so that all triangles end in a tie. The catch is that you only get a certain number of each.

Here is one solution to puzzle 12:

Laytons Mystery Journey Puzzle 11 Solution 1


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