Top 5 Hype Games of August 2017

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It is now officially August, and it looks like this month is bringing a nice stash of game releases. From platformers to tactics games, there is plenty to get hyped up for this month. That’s why I’m going to list of five of the most exciting releases of August 2017. Get your ooh’s and aah’s ready.

  1. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The newest chapter of the long-beloved tomb-raidery adventure series Uncharted is due to come out on August 22nd. This will be the first of the series to not have our treasure-hunting hero Nathan Drake as the main protagonist. This time, Nathan is being replaced by two femme fatales – Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross.

It’s often fun to see games that feature two protagonists rather than one. Chloe and Nadine seem different enough yet similar enough that they might make a good “buddy cop” pairing. The long-form nature of video games should give The Lost Legacy enough time to develop the relationship between the two. Gameplay-wise, having two characters could bring some interesting moments where switching between them becomes necessary.

If nothing else, The Lost Legacy is worth its weight in hype just to see how replacing the usual hero goes. Regardless, the Uncharted series has always been a great place to look for hair-raising action and beautiful locales.


  1. Sonic Mania

Sega’s favorite blue rodent has fallen from grace time after time since his debut in the 3D space. It’s disgusting just how bad Sonic ’06 and Sonic Boom were. There is no excuse for Sega to have allowed those games represent their mascot that way. While there is some cult following for Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, the general consensus says the only good 3D Sonic games are Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. And Sonic Generations was half 2D.

On the Other hand, whenever Sega sticks to their roots and creates a 2D Sonic game, they tend to turn out well. We see the reception Sonic Generations as proof of that. The Sonic Advance series were also good. Even Nintendo has brought in the 2D style with their New Super Mario Bros. series.

Enter Sonic Mania, which is not just a 2D Sonic game. It goes further by bringing the whole retro Sonic experience to the table. This is probably the most exciting development for any long-time Sonic fan. Hell, it’s exciting just to see how it stacks up against the waves of retro-style indie platformers we’ve been seeing.


  1. Yakuza Kiwami

Yakuza 0 has this way of taking the serious nature of gang warfare and making it both wacky and serious at the same time. It’s not quite as out there as Saint’s Row, so it allows some semblance of heartfelt storytelling. That, and Yakuza 0 has a metric butt tonne of completely random past times to indulge in, much like Grand Theft Auto V.

In theory, the sheer volume of varying things to do and the comedic seriousness that we’ve come to love in Yakuza 0 should carry over to the remake of the first game of the series, Yakuza Kiwami. It’s that blend that can only seem to come from Japan that we crave, and we’re excited to see it come again this month.


  1. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this year’s E3 (after Devolver Digital’s press conference) was the reveal of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. No one expected a cross-over as ridiculous as this. Better yet, no one expected it to look as good as it did.

Mario + Rabbids is a tactics shooter, which is completely new territory for both Mario and the Rabbids, but the combo-intensive gameplay displayed at E3 looked fun. I mean, it looked really fun. Anyone with a Nintendo Switch should be at least curious to see how this game works out.


  1. Absolver

Absolver seems to have come out of nowhere, but after seeing the trailer, I cannot contain my excitement. The trailer claims Absolver to be inspired by Dark Souls, but we’re seeing a lot of For Honor here. The trailer shows direction-focused combat combined with a wide array of crazy martial arts combos. It’s like For Honor and Street Fighter had a baby.

It might just be my disappointed martial arts spirit talking, but I cannot ignore how awesome this game looks. For Honor was a blast, and the contrast between its slow and heavy combat style and Absolver’s apparent fast-paced combat should create a fun experience. Plus, it looks like you get to create your own combos, making your combat style unique.


Honorable mentions:

As I said before, there is a good selection of new titles coming out this month. That made it tough to choose just five of the most hype ones. Here are a few honorable mentions that you should also keep an eye out for.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Hello Neighbor

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