Crush Crush Summer Fling Item Locations

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This summer is evidently a great time to be a Crush Crush player. Sad Panda Studios have unleashed yet another summer even upon its Crush Crush fans! Much like the beach balls earlier this month, Crush Crush has hidden new objects within its myriad of menus.


This time, however, we only get one day to find each object – and there will only be one object available per day!

But have no fear, for much like last event, I got you covered! I will be watching Crush Crush like a hawk until the event is over, listing the locations of every object I can find.

So here are the locations of the hidden objects for the Crush Crush Summer Fling event:

Day 1 – Crown: Hidden deep within the Settings menu on the […] More page is our first object, a shiny gold crown. You can find it just to the left of the SFX Volume and Music Volume mixers.

Crush Crush Summer Fling Crown

Day 2 – Junk Food: The next item on our list is a bunch of junk food, which can all be found hovering on top of the burger icon in the fast food part of the achievements list. I guess we will be getting fries with that.

Crush Crush Summer Fling Junk Food

Day 3 – Hat: The third Crush Crush Summer Fling item on our list is a hat. Hats belong on heads, and in this case, it belongs on Programmer Panda’s head. You can find him and his stylish new hat in the third screen of the credits. Once again, this is under the […] More tab.

Crush Crush Summer Fling Hat

Day 4 – Sushi: Item number 4 is a tasty-looking roll of sushi. You can find this on Nina’s introduction image when you look at the Memory Album, which is once again in the […] Miscellaneous tab.

Crush Crush Summer Fling Sushi

Day 5 – Ice Cream: Next on our list is a summer staple: ice cream! And where else is better to eat ice cream than on the beach? Well, maybe somewhere a little less sandy, I suppose. Anyway, you can find an ice cream cone when you take Cassie out for a date to the beach. It’s mixed in with a bowl of fruit — all part of a balanced meal.

Crush Crush Summer Fling Ice Cream Cone

Day 6 – Blue Panda: We’re almost done! Today’s item is a bit of a hard one. It’s just like the sushi two days ago, only this time, you’ll have to finish Alpha. Go to the […] Miscellaneous tab and look for Alpha’s end picture. You can find some weird blue panda thing in her hair.

Crush Crush Summer Fling Panda.jpg


Day 7 – Bow: Today is the last day of the Crush Crush Summer Fling event! And this last one is a doozy! Only true Crush Crush veterans will catch this one. Go to the FAQ, once again under the […] More tab. To the untrained eye, it looks like nothing is out of place, but if you were a Crush Crush maniac, you’d know that Q-piddy doesn’t normally carry a bow in the FAQ screen. That’s right, that inconspicuous bow is our last Summer Fling item.

Crush Crush Summer Fling Bow.jpg

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