5 Crush Crush Tips

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I have been embarrassingly addicted to Crush Crush, and I think it’s the completionist in me that keeps me going. Throughout my time playing, I’ve discovered a few tips that might help new players get up to speed.



  1. Reset Early, Reset Often


One of the main features of Crush Crush is the ability to soft reset your progress. This adds a permanent speed boost to everything you do after the reset. Think of it like “prestiging.”


The key to Crush Crush is to reset often, especially as you first start out. In most cases, it’s a good idea to reset after getting stuck somewhere.


  1. Always Be Farming


Crush Crush is an idle game, meaning it plays itself while you do other things. This means you should always be using as much of your energy as you can at all times.


Crush Crush even plays itself after you close out of it, so a good habit when playing is to dump all of your energy into hobbies and/or jobs before you quit. When you come back, you will find you’ve levelled them up a ton and have a butt-load of cash.


I recommend activating all of your hobbies, since having high hobby levels is one of the easiest ways to complete each girl.


  1. Become Awkward Besties with Elle ASAP


When you reach the “Awkward Besties” stage with Elle, one of her requirements is to get a job in the casino. This unlocks every hobby in the game immediately, allowing you to level them up quickly.


The best part is that you can unlock Elle quickly. Just get Mio to “Awkward Besties” or Quill to “Nuisance” to unlock the Wisdom you need to get Elle.


  1. Spend Diamonds Wisely


Diamonds are a real-world currency that you can buy, but you also get plenty of them just by progressing through each girl. Unless you want to dump lots of cash in this game, you’re gonna want to be careful about how you spend your diamonds.


I highly recommend using diamonds to upgrade hobbies by clicking the diamond icons by each one. They boost the speed of the hobby 16 times over. Surfing and gaming are particularly useful, since they speed up your progress with Cassie, Nutaku, and Mio. This lets you get big reset bonuses quickly


  1. Keep One Hand Free


Sad Panda Studios have finally released their NSFW patch, which gives you a nice little sexy scene when you complete each girl. You might want to keep a hand free for… extracurricular activities.


Luckily, you only need to use your mouse to play this game.

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