Teemo Support Guide – League of Legends

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Greetings, fellow League of Legends-ers! Let me tell you something, I have been playing League of Legends for about three years now, and after all that time there is one truth that has been revealed to me

That truth is that Teemo is the best champion in League of Legends. Hands down.


As a ranged champion whose auto attacks work well both with AD and AP, Teemo is one of the most versatile champions in the game. He can conceivably go in any position. Most commonly, Teemo is played in the top lane to bully the hell out of melee fighters. This way, he also uses his mushrooms to seize control of the baron side of the map.

But Teemo can be played in any position, and today I want to tell you how to play him as a support.

Teemo support is surprisingly effective. This is because he has insane early game harass, which transitions smoothly to great late-game utility, wave clear, and damage, especially when fed.

Starting at level 1, harass the hell out of the enemy adc with a quick Q -> auto attack combo, then immediately retreat into the bushes to pop into stealth. The beauty of this combo is that the enemy adc’s auto attacks will not disrupt your transition to stealth, since they will miss. All you need to do then is avoid taking damage from the enemy support and try to shake off aggro by the enemy minions.

Since you can move while stealthed in bushes, you should be able to run around freely. The only way anyone can get you is by blindly throwing skill shots, which is rather easy when they can’t see you. The only dangerous skill shots

Rinse and repeat until one of three things happen:

  1. You hit level 6
  2. You get a kill for you or your adc
  3. The enemy bot lane gives up on farming and cries in the fountain.

Once you hit level 6, spread the mushroom love, preferably around the river and maybe one or two in the bottom lane bushes. The mushrooms also make a great wave clear tool when you need to push or defend a tower.

If you’ve been stealing kills during the laning phase, then the rest of your game will be spent laying waste to their team by tossing Q’s with tons of damage and using some mushrooms to wave clear and siege (on top of controlling key areas.

If you’ve been giving the kills to your adc, or if you fall behind, you can still use the mushrooms to wave clear and control areas. You are likely doing less damage, though, so your Q will be best used to help peel for your adc.

Level 11 is a key power spike for Teemo, because then you can throw your mushrooms far enough to be a powerful siege tool. Try throwing a shroom into a line of enemy minions as they pass their tower. The mushroom will usually explode before anyone gets a chance to disarm. The massive aoe damage as well as the slow should eventually force enemies back or give your team the confidence they need to pull off a successful dive.

One of the trickiest things about Teemo is his squishiness combined with his relatively short range. Most things that can jump on you will be able to kill you before you get a good chance to react, making you a sad yordle. For this reason, avoid walking around alone unless you’re disgustingly fed. Also, wait for your team to engage before trying to poke with Q outside of the laning phase.



As support, I recommend maxing your Q first, your E second, then your W and Ult as available. Most of your damage, especially early game, will be in quick pokes with your Q rather than constant auto attacks. I’ve found in most cases, it is safe to put a second point into Q at level 3 instead of the first point in W. A lot of junglers don’t gank before level 4, and even if you do, the damage and blind from your Q is often enough to stave them off.



Just because you’re looking for kills doesn’t mean you’re not a support. The gold gain from Spellthief’s Edge is too good to pass up. I usually upgrade it to Frostfang on my first back, then boots and Sightstone on the second back.

After Sightstone (or earlier, if you get some good early kills), build Rylai’s Crystal Scepter into Liandry’s Torment. The slow adds a huge amount of utility to your kit and makes it super easy to kite enemies away from yourself or your adc. The extra DoT from Liandry’s Torment adds to your natural DoTs, making you one toxic little Teemo.

Finally, you can finish Frost Queen’s Claim. The final item heavily depends on the situation. Rabadon’s Deathcap and Luden’s Echo are great when you are ahead. Redemption or Locket of the Iron Solari are good options for when you are behind and need to be more supporty.


Summoner’s Spells:


After trial and error, I’ve found Ignite and Flash to be the best Summoner Spell combo. Ignite adds a huge threat to your early game, and it dampens the usefulness of the enemy adc’s Heal Summoner.

Exhaust works too, especially if there are a lot of assassins on the enemy team.


With all of these tools at your disposal, you should be able to wreak havoc on the Summoner’s Rift next time you play support.

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