Doomfist Released – Overwatch

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A few days ago, the new Overwatch hero Doomfist was released on the PTR. That means all of his abilities are now up on full display for us all to watch with wonder and amazeballs-ment.


Now, it’s a shame that Doomfist won’t be voiced by Terry Crews, but what his cool African accent lacks in insanity, it more than makes up for in sheer badassery.

So, what does Doomfist actually do? Well, it turns out he is Overwatch’s first (primarily) melee offense hero. Assuming he is roughly as squishy as the other attackers, Doomfist will be a high-risk, high-reward type of guy.

Here is a quick rundown on his abilities:

Hand Cannon: Doomfist’s left-click is a short range shotgun that comes from his non-doomy fist. It only holds four shots, but those four shots reload slowly on their own, much like Tracer’s blink ability. Each blast does considerable damage, especially at close range.


Seismic Slam: His E ability launches Doomfist forward, slamming the ground as he lands and knocking nearby enemies up and toward him. It’s a great gap-closer, which is exactly what he needs when everyone is bringing guns to a fist fight. That knock-up will bring everyone into punching distance, presumably allowing Doomfist to combo into other attacks.


Rising Uppercut: What street fighter would be complete without a great uppercut? Much like Seismic Slam, this shift move will be great for displacing enemy movement. It will also probably be the source of many heroes falling into holes or out of maps.


Rocket Punch: Doomfist’s right-click is Rocket Punch, and likely the man’s bread-and-butter attack. Doomfist charges his fist of doom before launching himself at an unfortunate enemy. It does a load of damage, and it hurts even more if the enemy hits a wall afterward.


The Best Defense…: If anything is going to make Doomfist feel overpowered, it will most likely be this passive. When Doomfist deals damage, he gains temporary shields – giving him up to 400 effective health by using basic moves. His ultimate seems to give him even more than that as well. A good Doomfist is going to hurt – a lot – and with these shields, the enemy team might find it difficult to hurt him back.


Meteor Strike:  Doomfist’s ultimate is Meteor Strike. Doomfist leaps into the air for a while, becoming untargetable. A blast radius appears below him, and a “sweet spot” grows from the center of it. Doomfist can then reactivate the ability or wait for it to activate on its own. When he does, he comes crashing back down, doing tons of damage to anyone in the radius.



Doomfist looks like a ton of fun to play, but it is hard to tell whether he will be overpowered or underpowered. He will be squishy until he can get some damage in, but once he does, there isn’t really much stopping him from becoming, well, unstoppable. The combination of theoretically never-ending shields, a metric butt-tonne of damage, and an ability that makes him effectively invulnerable for a time seems hard to manage from the enemy perspective. I guess time will tell whether the doom will be brought to him or his enemies.

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