The Eldritch Zookeeper Announcement Trailer

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Earlier this week, indie developer Cranktrain released an announcement trailer for The Eldritch Zookeeper, a unique zoo-tycoon type game.


According to its Steam page, The Eldritch Zookeeper features an arsonist who has been deceived by a particularly well-dressed skeleton to manage a zoo filled to the brim with eldritch abominations, ideally with as little bloodshed as possible.

Every day, a new eldritch horror appears through a portal in the zoo, which you as the zookeeper must keep fenced in and reasonably happy.

Because if things go wrong, people get eaten.

The graphical style and overhanging dark humor are eerily reminiscent of Don’t Starve, while the gameplay looks like Zoo Tycoon or maybe even Viva Piñata.  The Don’t Starve aesthetic is what really gets my attention.

The game’s Steam page offers no release date yet, merely saying that it will be “soon.”  The Cranktrain website also suggests that the game is still somewhat early in its development.  In any case, The Eldritch Zookeeper looks like a good indie title to keep an eye or six on.

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