Diablo 3 Rise of the Necromancer Impressions

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After a week, I finally decided to jump on board the Diablo 3 Rise of the Necromancer wagon. After all, the necromancer was my favorite Diablo 2 character, so I thought I’d like the D3 version.


So far, I haven’t been disappointed.

My first moment of elation was when I first learned and used one of the necromancer’s signature moves: corpse explosion. The bloody, messy eruption is probably the greatest moment of eye-candy you can get in the game. It does a crap-ton of damage in an area, and it doesn’t even cost resources. At the risk of alerting federal agents, I must say I love corpse explosion.

Then around level 6 or so, I noticed skeletons coming out of my body (which I immediately mistook for enemies). It was the necromancer’s iconic ability to raise an army skeletons to fight for you, which is all on a passive! Half way through Act V, I’m still using them, because they are actually useful.


Yes, blizzard finally made useful minions in diablo. Seriously, it’s like Christmas.

Honestly, the Necromancer seems a little overpowered, from where I’m standing. I don’t know if they nerfed the game in general, but I’ve been blowing through hard mode, nearly one-shotting final bosses along the way.

Even if the early game has been nerfed, I’ve noticed that the necromancer has a supremely powerful mix of damage and survivability. Through a plethora of life-gain and armor-gain abilities, necromancers feel like they can never die. And powerful spells like corpse explosion and bone spear clear rooms all by themselves.


Necromancers are everything that I wanted on the witch doctor I ran long ago, but with a huge increase on survivability. Frankly, they’re a bit overpowered, which I guess is to be expected for a DLC class.

Overpowered or not, necromancers are fun as hell, and they are definitely my new favorite class in Diablo 3.

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