Crush Crush Beach Ball Locations

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Hi, everyone! I have been playing an idle game / dating sim called Crush Crush for a while. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure for some reason. Anyway, they’re doing a “Steamy Summer Event” in honor of this year’s Steam summer sale.

For this event, Crush Crush has 14 beach balls hidden all throughout its menus and stuff. You just click on them to collect them. Out of curiosity, I checked Google for beach ball locations and haven’t found anything on it yet, so I thought I’d make a guide.

Think of it as practice for when I decide to start posting actual guides on the site.

Here they are:


  • In the Stats screen, there is a beach ball hovering on top of the last hairdo option. Just scroll through them, and you can’t miss it.


  • The second ball is on top of the plush toy gift, when you try to gift Nutaku. This one’s easy to get, since you have to gift her a plush toy to get to the “crush” stage with her.


  • Crush Crush itself gives you a hint on the next one. It’s in Iro’s hands when you go on a date with her to the beach.


  • The next one is easy to miss. Just click on the little heart icon with the crown, right below the speaker and “sfx” buttons on the top right corner. There will be a beach ball over the soccer ball for ” Hobbies teach you new skills.”


  • The pigeon in Cassie’s intro has turned into a beach ball. You may have to do a reset to catch this guy.


  • Careful with this next one: just click on the “Full Reset” button under the “More” menu (Next to “View Credits”). DO NOT RESET! The ball is in the bottom right corner of the pop-up window.


  • If you thought the last one was evil, the next beach ball makes you watch the credits [insert thunder crash here]! It’s on the second page over Cody Vigue’s face.


  • This one is easy. Just log out of the game, then log back in to get to the “Offline Earnings” window. You will find a beach ball on top of Q-Piddy’s head.


  • Take Cassie out for a movie, and you will see the next ball between the two buttons on the bottom of the window.


  • Get any girl to talk to you, and you will find a beach ball under the dialogue box when you click the eye icon.


  • You gotta poke the bear for the next one. Click Bearverly when her affection is already maxed to get her vomiting flames – and a beach ball.


  • Unlock the Legal job, and you will find a ball right above Marshmallow-kun’s pointing finger of justice.


  • Crush Crush is a tricky beast! There’s a beach ball hidden on the beach ball event window itself! It’s located right above the “O” in “20% Off.”


  • The last one is a though one. You have to get Alpha to be your lover. It’s not easy, but once you done that, just give her a nice poke, and you’ll see your final beach ball at the bottom left corner of the dialogue box.


And that’s it! Those are the locations of the 14 magical beach balls. Once you’ve collected all 14, you will be rewarded with a whopping 40 diamonds to spend however you see fit. Happy summer sale, and happy hunting!

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