Sony E3 2017 Conference Overview

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Welcome back, everybody. Sony’s conference is done and gone. It was short and very, very sweet. While we didn’t get everything that we were expecting, Sony undoubtedly brought its game today. Tonight, we saw a bunch of great games with a ton of polish. So, without further ad, let’s get into the recap.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy:

It’s official, Nathan Drake’s story has come to a close. As it turns out, though, Uncharted is still going strong. Naughty Dog’s Tomb Raider with a man is turning into Tomb Raider with two women instead of one. With this new buddy-cop element, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy looks very intriguing.


Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds:

Horizen Zero Dawn was a huge, surprising success, and Guerilla Games know it. So, we’re getting more Horizon Zero Dawn! One of the best draws of HZD is the atmosphere, and now the Frozen Wilds DLC looks to be a great new addition.


Days Gone:

I know, I know, zombie games are way over done, and that’s exactly why I think Days Gone needs to prove itself. That said, it does look like it has more of a focus on the human vs human conflict rather than human vs. zombie conflict. That’s something we see more often with pvp zombie games and less so with single player ones, so there might be something to this game.


Monster Hunter World:

Now, I am a new fan of Monster Hunter. I am also a new HUGE fan of Monster Hunter. Exactly because of that, I was absolutely blown away by the Monster Hunter World trailer. The graphics are amazing, and the new grappling hook thing was just. Freaking. Cool! I couldn’t tell – from this trailer – if Monster Hunter World will be multiplayer, but even if it isn’t, I am insanely excited by this one.


Shadow of the Colossus:

We are getting a Shadow of the Colossus remaster!!! One of the biggest cult classics for a long time is coming out again with full HD, 4k, whatever graphics. This is huge – easily one of the biggest “whoa” moments in the conference.


Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite:

Next up we got a story trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, which looks to promise the largest character pool yet. They are really bringing out the lesser known superheroes and lesser utilized Capcom characters. That, and the story itself looks interesting, if a little Marvel heavy. They even announced a free story demo, so that’s neat.


Call of Duty WWII:

As much crap as I want to give to Call of Duty for shamelessly following Battlefield, WWII looks damn good. It swept me back to the “good old days” of playing the original Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games, all of which took place in the trenches of World War II. The old guns and bunkers looked great.


PlayStation VR:

In the interest of sanity, I’m going to lump all the VR titles into one section, though probably ill-advised. Each title was as impactful as the last or more. Skyrim is making a VR appearance. Final Fantasy XV is coming out with a VR fishing game, hilariously enough. But the one that really makes me want a PSVR is Moss, a cute adventure title centered around a little mouse with a leafy gauntlet.


God of War:

We all anticipated it, and Sony delivered. Dad of War is announced with an impressive story trailer that highlights Kratos, his new arsenal of weapons, and his relationship with the boy he takes along throughout their treacherous journey.


Detroit: Become Human:

We also got a story trailer of “Totally not Deus Ex,” that is, Detroit: Beyond Human. Detroit is all about a revolution of androids, and it promises a heavy emphasis on impactful decision-making. It looks good, though it’s not quite the biggest blip on my radar.


Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 is coming out, and it’s finally coming out for a platform that I own, so I can care about it! It’s been about time I jumped on the console MMO train. The original Destiny seems to be running on fumes, but maybe Destiny 2 is ready to pick up some slack.



Finally, we got a sneak peek of the “true exclusive” (their words) Sony game: Spider-Man! Jokes aside, this new Spider-man looks amazing (no pun intended)! The combat looks akin to the Arkham series, and the web effects look fantastic. It’s a bit quick-timey, but Spider-Man is still something to be stoked about. Hopefully we’ll get some open-world enviornments.


And that’s all the conferences we have today. Tomorrow, Nintendo will bring E3 to a close as the last conference. Although I’m still Switch-less at the moment, I am crazy excited for their conference nonetheless. See you there tomorrow!

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