Microsoft E3 2017 Conference Overview

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Yesterday, EA started this year’s E3 conferences strong. Today, Microsoft has taken that momentum and run with it.

Microsoft started on an odd foot, to be honest. They finally unveiled their new console, now officially dubbed the “Xbox One X” which I will now call simply the “XBOX.” Frankly, the new name is awkward as hell, but they showed some promising looking specs to back themselves up, so I won’t complain too much.


After unveiling the XBOX, Microsoft let loose with a veritable volley of new games


Forza Motorsports 7:

The first game Microsoft unveiled was their flagship racing title, Forza Motorsports. After Need for Speed: Payback’s trailer yesterday, Forza looked a little slow and underwhelming. Even so, the graphical fidelity and sheer amount of attention to detail is nothing to sneer at.


Metro Exodus:

Next up was a one of the most immersive trailers I’ve seen in a while. Metro Exodus looked badass to the sixth degree. The first time the main character got attacked by one of those giant rat people things, I was hooked. Metro Exodus showcased its interesting world and the crazy wildlife that inhabits it.


Assassin’s Creed: Origins:

I did not expect to get blown away by the new Assassin’s Creed reveal, but it sure as hell happened anyway. We all knew it was coming, but the environment, the weapons selection, and even the new gameplay elements demonstrated that this will be an Assassin’s Creed game like no other before it.

AC: Origins showed a new, cooler version of the eagle eye ability where you use an actual eagle to soar around and scout out the area. On top of that, they’re adding RPG-like looting and levelling systems that just gave me nerdgasms as I saw it play out. Assassin’s Creed: Origins shot its way toward the top of my hype charts, that’s for sure.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds:

Xbox owners lacking in the PC department will finally get a chance to see what all that PUBG fuss is about. Bluehole announced that Player Unknown’s will be getting an “exclusive” Xbox One release. However exclusive a game that already came out for PC can be, that is.


Deep Rock Galactic:

Probably not the biggest crowd pleaser, Deep Rock Galactic nevertheless showed off a unique graphical style and interesting personality. It had a fun-looking polygonal graphic style and varied gameplay. While not a highlight of the conference, it might be worth checking out.


The Darwin Project:

Speaking polygonal graphics, The Darwin Project was another enigmatic title that got a brief showing today. Like Deep Rock Galactic, it was hard to pin down just what kind of game it was due to how short its trailer was. It looked like some sort of MOBA/Battle Royale kind of thing.


State of Decay 2:

Honestly, State of Decay 2 had a much better-looking trailer released a while ago, but Microsoft still managed to fit some time in to show off one of its more well-known surviving IP’s. Zombies have been beaten to re-death for years now, so hype for them is hard to generate.



Yeah, Minecraft made a surprising little appearance in the Xbox slot. It looks like we’ll be getting one of the largest cross-platform multiplayer games we’ve ever seen. Cross-platform meaning everyone possessing a copy of Minecraft on the PC, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices can all play together.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Xbox is bringing back the good ol’ days of 2D Dragon Ball fighters straight from the PlayStation 1 era. Only this time the graphics are goddamn incredible. Not gonna lie, throughout the first few seconds of the trailer, I couldn’t even realize that it was a 2.5D fighter. This might be the moment Dragon Ball gets a serious competitive-level fighting game.


Sea of Thieves:

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s pirates. Sea of Thieves looks to be a fun, cartoony pirate MMO complete with sea battles, treasure hunting, and treacherous shark-infested waters. The best part is, you can climb into a canon and launch yourself to land or onto an enemy ship. Sea of Thieves is another one of my favorite games of Microsoft’s conference.



Another stylistically interesting game is Cuphead, which features classic-cartoon graphics. It pulls off that old Mickey Mouse look like no other. It also looks like a throwback to the old 2D action-platformer genre that has been mostly missing since the days of the original NES.


Crackdown 3:

Crackdown 3 made an appearance, of course. The actual gameplay part of the trailer was short-lived, but it featured absolute mayhem in its action.


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War:

Third on my list of the four most panty-dropping showings here was Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. As you might expect, it’s a sequel of sorts to Shadow of Mordor, only this time it has a brighter art style and a lighter, humorous tone. One of the coolest features is the ability to dominate orcs, recruiting them on your side to help lay siege on larger orc fortresses. Shadow of War takes the “nemesis” feature of Shadow of Mordor and expands the hell out of it.



Finally, we got to see much more of Anthem, as was promised by the EA conference. First of all, it was kind of neat to see that back-and-forth between the two companies in different conferences. We usually think “who will win E3,” so seeing them play together was cool, even if it is EA.

Anthem, Bioware’s newest IP, looked freaking awesome! The world was huge and primordial. There were badass power suits incorporating different classes. There were big bad monsters looking to turn you into paste. There was loot. It was just amazing, and it was a perfect way to top off the long list of great-looking titles unveiled under the Microsoft and Xbox names.


There were plenty more games announced at Microsoft’s conference, but most of them were smaller indie titles. A couple more notable titles were Life is Strange 2: Before the Storm and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, both of which looked very pretty.

Finally, we got a release date and price on the new Xbox One X. The new box will be available November 7th for $499.


And that’s about all I have for you so far. I will keep you posted later tonight with news from Bethesda.

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