Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Rewards Announced

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In preparation for a new Diablo III expansion, Blizzard announced some of the bonuses those who buy Rise of the Necromancer.

This announcement includes a preview of a new, wonderfully grotesque pet called the “half-formed golem” as well as the Wings of the Guardian, a new set of, well, wings.

Necro Wings

I am particularly excited for those.

I have been a long-time fan of the necromancer class in Diablo II, so I am absolutely pumped that I’ll get a chance to play them again in D3. I ran as a witch doctor when the game first came out, and while I had fun, they just didn’t feel quite as cool as D2’s necromancer. Evidently, Blizzard and D3’s fans agree.

I’ve been out of the Diablo scene for quite some time, since before the Reaper of Souls expansion. I had heard great things about Diablo II since after that first expansion came out, but it looks like Rise of the Necromancer will be what finally draws me back in.

On top of the pet and wings, those who buy the new expansion will get a new banner, pennant, and portrait, each of which looks just as badass as the other.

As of yet, there still is no word about a release date more concrete than “sometime in 2017” or a price range, but now that Blizzard is releasing some information, I hope and suspect that we will be getting those specifics anytime now.

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