Harvest Moon Going the Way of Stardew Valley


At a press release, Natsume and Rising Star Games have shared word about their next new project, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

What sets Light of Hope apart from the rest of the series is that this will be the first ever Harvest Moon to see a PC release.

Harvest Moon

It’s likely that the decision to finally come out with a PC release is a direct result of the hit success of last year’s great farming simulator: Stardew Valley, which sold over a million copies in its first two months. Stardew Valley proved that there was a large market for farming simulators in the PC gaming community. Harvest Moon must be looking to reap those same fruits.

The surprises don’t end there, though. Light of Hope will also be released on the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. This marks the first time the series has been sowed on a major console since 2008 on the Wii and even further back for PlayStation to 2004 on the PS2. Between now and then, Harvest Moon titles have always been released on handhelds.

Light of Hope will evidently endeavor to be a “SNES-style nostalgic game with deep and meaningful characters and events.” This begs the question: how much depth must it have for it to be seeing release on big consoles and PC rather than handhelds? “SNES-style nostalgia” would seem to suggest a SNES-style graphic style, and if that’s the case, surely it wouldn’t require such powerful systems. Heck, not even Natsume’s recent graphical styles would.

Unless this new Harvest Moon plans to blow us away with Breath of the Wild level graphics, it might be that Light of Hope will contain more features than you could shake a hoe at. The “depth” that Natsume claims might not have been claimed lightly.

Certainly, the tidbit of story that we do know seems hint as such. The main character this time begins as a sailor who gets shipwrecked. His/her main goals involve rebuilding a harbor town and its lighthouse. It’s an interesting story so far, but there’s certainly going to be more to it if the MC is to transition from shipwrecked sailor to farmer.

In any case, we will get more information next month when a playable version becomes available for those attending E3 next month. Until then, there’s plenty to speculate on with one of our favorite farming franchises.

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5 comments on “Harvest Moon Going the Way of Stardew Valley”

  1. I’m looking forward to this one, it will be good to have some more choices on the Switch. But remember, this is the spin off series they made after the original Harvest Moon games couldn’t be released under that name anymore in the West because Natsume had the rights to the game. What we know as Harvest Moon from the past is now called Story of Seasons. Natsume decided to have a go themselves with the two 3DS games, the Lost Valley and Skytree Village. And now a Switch title. Hope it’s a good one!

    1. Thank you, Yvo! I was wondering why they would name it Harvest Moon instead of Story of Seasons. I had no idea they were now different series.

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