Mobile Games That Might Not Suck – Beyond the Bounds

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In my last “Mobile Games that Might Not Suck,” I recommended an RPG-type waifu collector. Part of that is because I often try to think about what gaming genres would work best on a mobile platform. One of my first instincts was RPG’s, since they are slow and so don’t require you to tap quickly and accurately.

That’s why I want to bring to the table another good genre for mobile games: the point-and-click adventures. And one of the most impressive games I’ve seen so far in that genre is Beyond the Bounds.

Beyond the Bounds is a story-driven point-and-click game set in an arctic town full of steampunk-y engineers. The majority of it so far follows a young boy named Lantern and his childhood friend Nena- who also appears to be part polar bear, or something. I don’t know, but her fluffy bear ears are freaking adorable.

Screenshot_2016-08-26-18-47-14                                 Screenshot_2016-08-26-18-48-39

What really brought my attention to Beyond the Bounds was its impressive visual quality. It has an anime art-style with some of the most vivid character and background designs I’ve ever seen in a mobile game. Everything just feels bold and colorful and full of life, which is accentuated further by its bouncy animations.

The setting works together with the graphics to create a simple yet mysterious world that I can’t help but want to physically jump in and explore. It’s not just the quirky, snow-crusted town itself either. Even the emotional setting created throughout the story evokes a sense of mystery and sadness that just draws you in.

Screenshot_2016-08-26-18-46-05                   Screenshot_2016-08-26-18-46-24

The gameplay itself is fairly basic. You get three main actions: use/look, move, and talk. You also get an inventory. Beyond the Bounds is dotted with puzzles – including some tricky ones – which is where you usually use the items in your inventory. You can combine certain items in your inventory, which is what I like in a point-and-click. The inventory also includes your friends, which is a fun and unique way to make you feel like you’re playing as a group of people rather than just one protagonist.

Bear in mind, that Beyond the Bounds is not finished yet. The developers – VisualShower Corp. – are releasing it in episodes. Currently, the first 5 episodes out of around 14 are available. The episodes themselves are a little short as well, but sometimes the puzzles will keep you in one place for a while.

VisualShower Corp. has a few other point-and-click adventures under their belt, as well. White Island is another game in the same vein, but with a horror theme in lieu of the fantasy-adventure aesthetic. I haven’t played that one yet, so I can’t personally recommend it. If it’s anywhere as fun as BTB, though, then I’d definitely check it out.

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