Mysterious Countdown Appears on Duke Nukem Website

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A mysterious countdown timer has been put up on The only other information provided by the website is a banner declaring a 20th year anniversary and the cryptically solitary words “Coming Soon.” The timer itself seems to be counting down towards Friday September 2, what significance that date actually holds is still a mystery at this time.

Duke Nukem was originally released – on MS-DOS – in 1991, and Duke Nukem 3D was released in January 1996.  A 20th year anniversary for is a few months late for Duke Nukem 3D and a few years late for Duke Nukem as an IP in general.

The Duke Nukem franchise was thought to be long-dead after the disastrous reception of the endlessly-postponed Duke Nukem Forever. This countdown might prove that the poorly-aged 80’s action hero parody still has some juice left.

Duke Nukem King

My best guess is that Gearbox is preparing to release a remake or a remaster of Duke Nukem 3D. As perhaps the most beloved iteration of the franchise, a remake could be just what the king needs.

Or maybe they’ll announce a new game to compete with Bethesda’s successful Doom remake.

Or maybe it’s a bomb.

I really don’t know, but you bet your butt I’m excited to find out. Let me know if you have any ideas on what this cryptic countdown entails. In the meantime, I’m gonna kick ass and chew bubblegum.

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