Leaked 30-Minute Long Goldeneye 007 Remake Video

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Earlier this week, a gaming website called Rare Thief uploaded a huge video of an unfinished Goldeneye 007 Xbox Live Arcade remake. The lengthy video spans 30 minutes and showcases some full run-throughs of some of the iconic game’s levels as well as some multiplayer maps.

Along with being absolutely massive, the leaked video shows some impressive graphical upgrades compared to the original Nintendo 64 version. Among some of the upgrades are better textures, an improved skybox, new effects, and a much better framerate. The graphics are certainly not next-gen, but it’s a huge improvement over the poorly-aged original.

I found the new gun models and terrain textures particularly nice to look at. I loved Goldeneye back in the N64 days, but looking at it now is a little hard on the eyes. The improved graphics makes things much clearer and nicer to look at.

You can really see the difference throughout the video, as it toggles freely between the old textures and the new ones.

Rare Thief mentions some other new features, such as new multiplayer maps and the ability to set all characters to the same height, making Odd Job much less of the overpowered monster that he was.

Of course, there is no word – or even hope – about the remake actually being released. A project to remake or remaster was cancelled way back in 2010, and this is probably just a part of the remnants of that project. Still, it is an interesting look at what could be or what could have been.

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