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Sometimes, I like to scout out the Google Play Store on my phone for some good mobile games. I’m sure many of you might think that this is a fruitless endeavor. You’re probably right.

But I like to look anyway, because I think that the mobile platform has some good potential. After all, everybody and their grandma has a smart phone these days. The mobile platform probably has the largest reach out of any gaming platform. For that reason and the fact that I just love games and want to see them grow, I keep an eye on new games.

My hopes right now aren’t too high. I’m not looking for a masterpiece just yet. The mobile gaming industry doesn’t seem like it’s at that point yet. For now, I’m just looking out for games that might not suck.

With that, I’d like to give Girls X Battle a mention.


Girls X Battle is, frankly, a “waifu” collector. As the name suggests, it features girls. Girls who battle.

The battling takes the form of a mostly automated beat-em-up. Your girls come in from the left and fight a team of girls that come in from the right.

The girls will let loose with basic attacks and some spells automatically, but as they do, they build up an energy meter. When that meter fills up, you can tap on the girl’s portrait to make them unleash a powerful special attack.

The fighting is kind of fun to watch, but the other half of the fun is managing your battle girls. When you complete missions from the game’s campaign mode, you get coins and gear. You can use the coins to upgrade your girls’ skills, and you equip your gear to your girls to upgrade their stats.

Each battle girl has her own specific gear slots. When you fill them in, you can promote her to give her a nice boost to her stats and unlock new spells.


Girls X Battle has an impressive selection of modes to play through. The campaign mode is lengthy and difficult and comes in both a normal and an epic difficulty. There are three different pvp modes, two of which are unlocked much later into the game. The third is a latter system that offers huge rewards even at the lower rungs. There’s a challenge mode where you run through a gauntlet of other player’s teams in a more pve style setting. It also offers nice rewards as you progress.

Best of all, I’ve found that the developers and GMs are constantly working to improve their game. Updates come frequently, and the GMs are liberal with apology letters offering free “gems.”

Oh yeah, this game features a freemium type of currency called gems. It’s sort of a downside, but you can easily get gems through normal gameplay – mostly through the pvp latter. It does feels weird to recommend a freemium game, but the freemium perks are tame. And like I said, you can get those gems even without paying real money for them.


Of course, Girls X Battle isn’t perfect. The translation to English is hilariously terrible. This is immediately noticeable in the campaign mode’s text and the gear descriptions.

The game also lacks a good amount of interactivity. The management is really where the gameplay lies. But that’s only because you don’t get to control your battle girls as they battle.

Girls X Battle is a massive grind fest. As you go through the campaign mode, you will likely hit a wall of difficulty. The best way I’ve found to overcome that is by grinding older campaign quests for gear and better girls.

Finally, in true freemium style, there is also a stamina limit. The limit is barely noticeable at first, as you’ll be refreshing it constantly through early level-ups (there’s a “summoner” level that acts as your main level). Later, as you get to the grindy bits, the stamina becomes more prominent. Fortunately, stamina is only depleted in the campaign missions. You can still do the pvp latter and the challenge mode. Even they have their own time-based limits, though.

And that’s the long and short of it. I’ve been having a good time playing Girls X Battle. The odd progression system, the waifu collecting, and even the grind is kind of fun in mobile game format. It’s not perfect by a long shot, but I think it’s a mobile game that might not suck.

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  1. The game is totally great. Tons of cute and beautiful anime babes to collect and meet. I just love the voice interaction, and the game mechanics is quite easy. This will totally be included in my top list of most played games. 10/10

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