My Pokemon Journey


Finally, after 20-some years, today is the day that I finally turn 10 years old.

And, of course, that means that today I became a true blue Pokémon trainer. That’s right, today I met Professor Willow, who taught me the way to become a Pokémon master. He also gave me my first very own Pokémon, Bulbasaur.

Completely uninterested in whatever else Prof. Willie had to say, I bolted out of my bedroom faster than you can say Jigglypuff and set out on my first Pokemon adventure.

Things started out way better than I expected. Not even a block away from my house, I found and caught my first two compulsory best friends, Weedle and Venonat.

Screenshot_2016-07-07-14-48-33     Screenshot_2016-07-07-21-17-35


It all kind of went downhill after that, though. I walked for a good 45 minutes without seeing hide nor hair of any new Pokemon, and halfway walking through a nature trail, I started to think that I was lost.


But being lost is just par for the course for fresh new trainers like me, so I followed the bike trail to a historic village at the end, where I found a ton of site-seeing spots for me and my three little buddies.

Finally bored with the antique township, I set out once again, circling around a nearby lake to look for some fresh catches. There I stumbled upon a Raticate standing on the railing of a bridge as if contemplating suicide. Of course, I had to convince it that life is worth living, and what better way to do that than to throw a barrage of imprisoning balls at it?

Screenshot_2016-07-07-15-48-38     Screenshot_2016-07-07-15-48-50

The sun began to set on today’s adventure, but I didn’t let that stop me. In fact, night time brought on a slew of new Pokemon. Now I know why so many kids go missing. Anyway, I found a Pidgey resting on a ledge.


Also, I found a wild Bellsprout working the corner on my way home.


Finally, today’s adventure came to a close. Or so I thought. Just as I sat down to take a breather, I found this little guy chillaxing on this very computer.


Unfortunately, I already had a Weedle, so after careful consideration, I sent one of them to Prof. Willie. He thanked me with a piece of “Weedle candy” and walked off muttering something about experiments.

And that’s it for today’s grand adventure. I was a wonderful first forray into the world of Pokemon, and already I’m getting the itch to jump out into the world once again tomorrow. Before long, I am gonna catch ’em all.

6 comments on “My Pokemon Journey”

    1. It’s a fun excuse to walk around and look at memorials and other neat things you might not have noticed around town.

      I hope the UK and Canada release comes up soon.

      I also hope they can fix the server issues they’ve been having soon.

      1. Yeah I’m looking forward to it. I’ve heard it’s in a few days for a Europe release.
        The issues should hopefully be ironed out soon!

  1. What a good game… Pokemon go is not just Nintendo trying to please parents by getting their kids outside. It’s an amazing AR Pokemon game. The catching system is wonderful!

    1. I have been nearly addicted to this game since it came out! I already love going out for walks, so this game is like a dream come true.

      I really hope we see more awesome AR games due to Pokemon Go’s success.

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