H1 and Z1

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So H1Z1 is a zombie-survival MMO that has sort of taken on the mantle of a spiritual successor of the relatively famous DayZ mod, despite DayZ still going relatively strong.
Yesterday, Daybreak Games announced that they will be splitting H1Z1 into two different games: H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill. Just Survive will be focusing completely on — well — survival, while King of the Kill will be PvP.
This development allows Daybreak Games to cater to two different kinds of gamers, which so far looks like a smart move. A common complaint against H1Z1 is a recent trend on focusing too much of the player-versus-player mode of the game to the detriment of the sandbox survival sector.
As someone who’s held a passive interest in the combination of the survival and the MMO aspects of H1Z1, I found this to be great news. While the use of zombies has been an overused trope over the past few years, I think there’s still room for one go-to zombie survival sandbox MMO, and it seems like H1Z1 is the best we’re going to get in that department for a while.
How Daybreak intends to split their focus on each game is still uncertain, but I like to be optimistic for a relatively balanced focus.
Daybreak Games seems to be handling the split well. Anyone already owning a copy of the game will get both games free of charge, and in-game items will be duplicated to accomodate both games.
The split will officially begin on February 17th. Until then, anyone interested may still purchase the original H1Z1 — and thus, both Just Survive and King of the Kill. It is also currently 25% off for Steam’s Lunar New Year sale.

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