Game of Dice Review

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What do you get when you mix the fury-inducing competitiveness of Monopoly with the bite-sized nature of an Android app? Keep a lanyard handy, because we’ll be throwing dice AND smartphones.


Developer:                  JOYCITY Corp

Publisher:                   JOYCITY Corp

Platform:                    Android

Release:                      November 2015


Game of Dice is a neat mobile game for Android smartphones that I can really only describe as a miniature version of Monopoly. You compete against other players to fill the board with your properties so that you can send your opponents to bankruptcy.

Of course, Game of Dice isn’t a total Monopoly clone. There are some major differences added here. First of all, each player gets a set of “skill cards” to stack the odds in her favor. These skill cards range from giving you free money to stealing properties to temporarily giving properties better payouts.


Players can also select from a wide cast of different characters as well as different sets of dice. Each character and each kind of dice give you passive buffs as you play. Both the characters and the dice can also be levelled up for bigger bonuses.

The skill cards, characters, and dice all act as a sort of loadout that you set up in the main menu before you play the actual game. Together, these three elements add a certain level of strategy as well as a sense of progression to an otherwise chance-based game.

Game of Dice takes the “moe anime” approach in its graphics. I’d say it was a pretty good decision, since the anime art style synergizes well with the flashy, high-class casino theme it’s got going on.


This is a game that’s probably best played with the volume turned down or off. The only noticeable music in the whole app is the casino music that plays in the main menu. The song is good at first, but it loops after a few seconds, which starts to grate the ears. Otherwise, there is a voice that repeatedly announces just about every move made in-game which also gets very annoying very quickly. On the bright side, at least you won’t be missing out on much when playing it on mute in public.

Game of Dice is free but also slightly freemium. There is a “real-money currency” in the form of gems that can be used to buy and enhance characters, dice, and skill cards. Fortunately, however, it’s not out of control by any means. You get characters, dice and skill cards randomly regardless of whether you use gems or the in-game gold. It’s somewhat similar to buying packs in Hearthstone, for those familiar with that system. Plus, the games themselves are still very much games of chance.

Overall, I found Game of Dice to be a solid game for mobile devices. It’s every bit as frustrating as real monopoly, but in little bite-sized chunks, so be sure to invest in some protective measures in case of flying phones.




+Clear art style

+Fun progression

+Mix of strategy and chance

+Mobile Monopoly

+Limited freemium / pay-to-win



-Repetitive music / sound

-Some freemium methods



Score:                                      4 / 5

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