Are games aimed at girls real games?

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Great insights on girls and gaming

A Lady and Gaming Plus

Over here in the Netherlands, it’s still holiday for the school kids. When my daughter was much younger the school holidays meant having to find a suitable place her to spend the day while I was out to work. It never posed a problem though, with loving grandparents and sisters-in-laws who had the same challenge. So when my daughter spent a day at her aunts, I had her daughter over when I had the day off from work. Worked perfectly.

In those days the DS was launched, along with Nintendogs. What a marvel that was, two screens to play on, no button mashing but ticking with your stylus and real interaction: the dog really recognized you! While my daughter and all but one of her cousins never where into gaming before, the barrier to dive in was lifted with the arrival of the DS.

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