World of Warcraft: Legion Revealed

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Recently, MMO giant Blizzard has announced their latest upcoming expansion, Legion, and I’ll be damned if this doesn’t look like a big one.

I’ll be honest; those familiar feelings of adrenaline-gushing hype began to flow through my veins as I watched both the cinematic trailer and the announcement trailer on the website. It really seems like Blizzard is pulling out all the stops this time. Their reveal website is full of so much fan service that it’d be near impossible not to get all giddy inside.


No, not that fan service.

The first thing of note is the direction of the lore and the overarching atmosphere that’s being presented in this expansion pack. In Legion, World of Warcraft begins to call forth the titular Burning Legion. The Burning Legion is essentially the big bad guys of the entire Warcraft universe. Ever since Warcraft II, the Burning Legion has been announced as basically the biggest driving force in nearly all of the events of the Warcraft Universe. These guys are serious business. Oddly enough, while the Burning Legion has been an ever-present threat in pockets of World of Warcraft, they haven’t really had the spot light since the events of the Burning Crusade expansion. It’s as if we’ve been so absorbed in the events surrounding the Lich King, Blackwing, and Pandas, that we’d forgotten that demons exist and pose a huge threat.

As I said, the Burning Legion has taken a back seat since The Burning Crusade, so it would seem that Blizzard is attempting to get us to remember the “glory days” of that old expansion. Oddly enough, I feel like it might work, and I wasn’t even around back then.

So I mentioned fan service earlier, and in Blizzard’s reveal for Legion, there is tons of it. The first thing you’ll notice is that Illidan’s back. Illidan is probably the most fan-hyped character in World of Warcraft since Arthas, which I find odd for someone who is basically the personification of never getting anything right. In any case, fans love him, and Blizzard has decided to deliver.


The next bit of fan service comes in the form of a new class. The demon hunter is probably the most requested class I have ever seen any time I decide to visit the World of Warcraft forums. It mostly ties in with Illidan, since he just so happens to be one. I can sympathize with the fans on this one, especially after seeing Blizzard’s vision (heh-heh) of them. Seriously, they look and sound really cool. I am a little loath to play as an elf to get the experience, but I’m sure I can suck it up. I’m also really excited for this class because it is the first one since the shaman that sounds more original than looking up the Player’s Handbook in any version of D&D.

The final bit of fan service is the reveal of major iconic weapons, called artifacts on the webpage. Ashbringer is probably World of Warcraft’s most legendary weapon, which is mostly because it never existed as a usable weapon – until now. There are other artifacts laid out for other classes, but I think the reveal of Ashbringer really says it all.

There are other, slightly more obvious additions that Legion will bring with it, such as the next questing zones and a raised level cap. There are also some very nice system updates like a largely revamped pvp system. All of these can be found on Legion’s reveal page.

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