Month: August 2015

Cytus Review

Today, we’ll be given the unique opportunity to pretend like we’re orchestra conductors with our thumbs! In Cytus, your smartphone’s touch screen will become a tap screen. Developer:                  Rayark Games Publisher:                   Rayark Games Platform:                    iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita Release:                      Jan 12, 2012   Gameplay: Cytus is a musical rhythm for smartphones. You start by picking

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World of Warcraft: Legion Revealed

Recently, MMO giant Blizzard has announced their latest upcoming expansion, Legion, and I’ll be damned if this doesn’t look like a big one. I’ll be honest; those familiar feelings of adrenaline-gushing hype began to flow through my veins as I watched both the cinematic trailer and the announcement trailer on the website. It really seems

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