Month: August 2015

The Origins Behind 7 Common Final Fantasy Enemies

When it comes to Final Fantasy, few things are consistent. In spite of having what appears to be a Rocky-level obsession with both sequels and the Roman numeral system, there is generally no real connection between each installment. From the casts of characters to the layouts of each world, it would seem no two Final

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Cytus Review

Today, we’ll be given the unique opportunity to pretend like we’re orchestra conductors with our thumbs! In Cytus, your smartphone’s touch screen will become a tap screen. Developer:                  Rayark Games Publisher:                   Rayark Games Platform:                    iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita Release:                      Jan 12, 2012   Gameplay: Cytus is a musical rhythm for smartphones. You start by picking

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World of Warcraft: Legion Revealed

Recently, MMO giant Blizzard has announced their latest upcoming expansion, Legion, and I’ll be damned if this doesn’t look like a big one. I’ll be honest; those familiar feelings of adrenaline-gushing hype began to flow through my veins as I watched both the cinematic trailer and the announcement trailer on the website. It really seems

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