Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker Review

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Hello, kittens. It’s time I show you all a real good time tonight.

Developer:                  Magic Notion

Publisher:                   Mastertronic

Platform:                    PC (reviewed), Mobile

Release:                      September 3, 2014 (Mobile), April 22, 2015 (PC)



Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a steamy game like no other. It is, in essence, a dating service simulator in which you take many lucky lovesick lumps and pair them each up with a suitable partner. You then guide your hopeless romantic of a client and guide him or her throughout their date. If you’ve done your job right, then you will be rewarded with a nice little voyeuristic make-out session between the two, and they live their lives happily ever after.

For the most part, the gameplay consists of a series of memory and luck games as you guide your client, who would, of course, been otherwise completely inept at anything involving an actual date, so it’s basically like giving advice to myself. The mini-games you play throughout the date include things like memory match or a Simon says or luck-based games like pachinko or hi-lo. There are also events in which you’ll have to deal with life-altering dilemmas such as having to remember what the server looks like or point out the exact difference your date makes before and after using the restroom. It’s not exactly the most exciting gameplay out there, but it is oddly addicting.

Outside of the actual dating scene, Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker acts as a progression ladder. After each date, you get money depending on how well the date went and who your clients are as well as experience. As you level up, you unlock different upgrades in the shop, which you can use the money to buy. The most interesting upgrades are the different restaurants you can unlock, but you can also unlock salon treatments to help your gussy your client up. As Kitty explains herself, Matchmaker is a roguelike, even if we don’t know what that means.

The final neat part about this game is that after you create your avatar, he or she will appear in other players’ games as a client or potential partner. It is especially exciting when you get a friend to appear in your game, I imagine. Every so often, you will get a mail from Kitty herself to report how your dates went in other people’s games.


The story basically stops at “You are a professional matchmaker. Your job is to get people to bang.”


Since Matchmaker was originally a mobile game, the graphics are pretty simplistic. All of the characters look, and sort of act, like paper bobble-head figures. The overall graphical type is cartoony, which fits the fun and campy atmosphere of the game as a whole.

The animations are very silly at times, but are, again, very simplistic. Pretty much all of the animation is in the characters’ heads and faces. It makes the kissing scenes at the end of each successful dates fun to watch.


The voice and sound effects are definitely some of this game’s best points. With the sole exception of Kitty, all of the characters are voiced using hilariously campy and over the top grunts. Kitty’s helpful inputs are voiced by Kitty her(him?)self, and it is no less than glorious.

The background music is nice, but not altogether the most impressive. There’s different music for each restaurant to match their themes, which are themed based on countries, so there is a nice variety at least.


While it is late in the Steam summer sale, it is still currently available for $6.69, which seems planned now that I type it out. Otherwise it costs about $10. For a game that you might find yourself picking up to play here and there, it’s not a bad price tag.


Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a surprisingly fun and addictive little game that provides a challenge that just gets longer, harder, and overall more satisfying the further in you go. The experience is simple and dare I say primitive in its basic principles, but it is also extremely fun to do for 5-20 minutes at a time, depending on how much you can handle. It’s not groundbreaking in any major way, but it is highly addicting and a great time waster. It looks, feels, and even sounds very pleasant all things considered.


+ Silly graphics

+ Hilarious voice acting

+ Simple yet addictive gameplay



– Not much depth

– Novelty runs out after a while

– Very repetitive


Score                                      3 / 5

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