Fallout 4 Pre-Purchasable Already?

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Big news hit the gaming industry not too long ago when Bethesda officially released their first teaser trailer for Fallout 4. While I’m positive that nobody was really surprised that Fallout 4 would be Bethesda’s new big game, I was pleasantly surprised that they released such a firm confirmation that they are indeed now working on it so soon.

There’s been a little backlash against Bethesda about their graphical choices that seem apparent in the trailer. I must admit that the graphics are strikingly different from what many of us are used to from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, but I actually quite liked the new look. There are parts in the trailer that showcase much more vibrant colors than I’ve ever seen in any previous Fallout game. It is a little jarring, especially since the series has been so faithful to the bleary tone of a nuclear apocalypse. I personally feel rather optimistic about it.

What struck me as the strangest about Fallout 4’s release is that the game has already been available for pre-purchase on Steam. I am well aware that pre-purchases are extremely common, so don’t worry, I’m not living under a rock. It just strikes me as odd that it is already available for pre-purchase while there is no projected release date. There is no indication of a month, season, or even a year yet, but you can still pay for it.

I’ve always thought that the idea of pre-purchasing a game is an outdated concept at best and an outright stupid one at worst, and I’ve been jaded by the process of buying early access games just enough to decide not to do it again. With that in mind, I am well aware that I might just be a little over-paranoid about Fallout 4’s pre-purchase option. A friend and I have joked about it simply being Bethesda’s version of Kickstarter, but in a way, that might be the truth of it. Other than the trailer, we really don’t know how far along Bethesda is with this new project. Are these particular pre-purchases going to be considered funding or profit?

Either way, I am so fricken stoked about the Fallout 4. I nearly wet myself just thinking about it.

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  1. The release of this trailer in advance of Bethesda’s very first E3 press conference may suggest that we’ll soon here a release date that will surprise and delight fans of the series. They have to fill that stage time with something, and if they didn’t hold the trailer as the big surprise what will the surprise be? I may be wrong, we’ll know soon enough.

    I think the main reason for pre-orders is to protect that revenue from other games that end up sharing a release window. If other high-profile games turn out to release on the same day, how many of us would be able to purchase all the games we wanted? If you’ve already pre-ordered, that sale is secure. But you’re right, it may also be somewhat related to development funding, especially if the actual release date is still quite a ways off.

    The sad truth is that game prices have largely remained the same for a very long time, but development costs have increased significantly. While many of us may find DLC, Season Passes, Online Passes, and Pre-Orders distasteful, they are likely the necessary evils that keep studios afloat in lieu of a higher purchase price for the end product.

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