Quick Peak of Kholat, the Upcoming Mountainside Survival Horror Game

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While browsing around online for some upcoming games to look at, I came across a possible gem hidden among the hype of more major titles like Grand Theft Auto V, Bloodborne, and Mortal Kombat X. This rather obscure title is an open-world survival horror game called Kholat, in development by IMGN.PRO, and I gotta say, it looks stunningly beautiful.

Kholat is a survival horror game based on a real-world incident called the Dyatlov Pass Incident, in which a group of skiers mysteriously died on Kholat Syakhl, a mountain in Russia.

The developers are focusing heavily on large-scale world exploration, as well as on a heavy emphasis on the story, which will be narrated by none other than Sean Bean.

Based on the two trailers and a few pictures, Kholat promises to be an extremely beautiful, and the development team’s emphasis on world exploration combined with the feeling of emptiness you get from the trailers suggest we might get a large, sad, and sparse game world somewhat akin to that of Shadow of the Colossus. Plus, the empty alone feeling is sure to be majorly impactful in the atmosphere of a horror game.

Kholat looks to be 2 parts spooky and 3 parts beautiful. Stranded on a mountain pass is a welcome sight for a horror game in the midst of dozens of haunted mansions and insane asylums. To those of you who really enjoy the survival horror genre, I suggest keeping an eye on this game until its release on July 10th of this year.


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