Month: March 2015

Valkyria Chronicles Review

The whimsical style of watercolors and anime meets the gritty themes of war over resources and racism in Valkyria Chronicles. Developer:      Sega Publisher:        Sega Release:          November 4, 2008 (PS3) /  November 11, 2014 (PC) Platforms:       PS3 / PC (Reviewed) Gameplay Valkyria Chronicles is a turn-based tactical strategy game mixed with a few action elements

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review

Have you ever wished you could just kill things and wear their skins as a coat? If so, then Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is right up your and, let’s be honest here, my alley. Monster Hunter 4 is a hunting simulation that promises much more action and excitement than those redneck big game hunter arcade

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